Thursday, June 23, 2011

My brother and I do really
stupid stuff.

I made some chocolate milk in a water bottle one day...
I dumped enough Nesquik in there to make it match
the chocolateyness of the drink pictured on the product label.
I drank it up like nom nom nom, 
but due to Nesquik overdose, I couldn't finish it.
Two weeks later, Nick found the Nesquik water bottle
in my room....

 Grossest smell I've ever smelled.
I think a little bit of us died that day.

Another time, Nick and I were bored, so we started
YouTubing zits, pimples, cysts and oozing MRSA infections.
 After about an hour of increasingly sickening videos, 
we watched a girl slice open a cystic pimple on a fat guy's back,
then she popped it all over herself...
again, and again and again.
 We fled to the bathroom and fought each other at the doorway.
 Nick had to puke in the sink because I beat him to the toilet.
One time Nick and I were watching TV with the cats.

 I'm not sure what's wrong with us.
We never seem to learn.
To this day, you could hand us a BB gun and tell us 
to shoot a bee's nest down from a tree while
eating honey on toast and we'd do it.
Stupid idiots.

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