Stories of Fasha: Hammerhead Man

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My dad, my brother and I hike fairly often in Virginia. 
(Fatman eating a hoagie atop Old Rag, VA)
When we do an overnight, we each bring a sleeping mat and bag along with our packs.
We conquered a particularly badass trail called Rocky Mount in Shenandoah Valley.
It is about 9.5 mi. long and 2840 ft. upward.
My brother and I were hiking behind my dad, when I noticed that my dad's placement of his sleeping mats made him resemble a hammerhead shark. 
Watching Mountain-Dad hike upward intensely and shark-like was funny enough...but when his water bottle burst and spilled all over his butt, my brother and I lost it.
So not only did he look like a big angry hammerhead shark-man,
but it also looked like he pissed himself.
My brother and I could not stop laughing at him
He got so fed up with our giggling...
and he warned us to save our breath...
Fatman was right.
By the time we reached the top to set up camp, my brother and I were dying of exhaustion.
But the view was spectacular.


Alexandra said...

Court i love this! i love ur drawings of dad and his sweaty sharkness.. xoxo - alex

courtney said...

Thank you so much Al! Thanks for commenting :] I know you'll appreciate all of the Papa Balen stories to come! Love, C