Stories of Fasha: Good Deal Bill

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Dad has a long-standing nickname back in our old neighborhood
in Naperville, Illinois.
They all call him, "Good Deal Bill".
Not every one knows the background story.
Here's why he was dubbed the title...

Fatman would wait in the driveway all day once a month
and wait for this guy who called himself "The Meat Man".
 He would drive around neighborhoods with different cuts
of different beasts like a butcher on wheels, and all of the dads in the neighborhood would
stock up on hams and jerkies.
 One particular day, my Dad scored a sweet deal!
 He filled our entire deep freezer with his purchases.
 Later that week, Fasha bragged to his poker buddies
about it.

 And that's why my dad is known as "Good Deal Bill" in the (630).
The End.

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