Proof that we exist!
 Welp this is my face.
 Dad, me, and Nick

Me and my sweet Derek
 Adventure time
Kelly, Rachel and me 
 Our house in Fort Lauderdale
 Me and my brother, Nick
Me and Nick...
I seriously doubt this was on Halloween.
 Me and Nick...
looking good at Disney World.
Me and Nick playing in the leaves
and wrecking Fasha's piles.
Nick and Dad.

18th birthday...pre-lobster-bomb.
 First day home with Stimpy
 Stimpy sneezing

 Taco-Sox being cute

Me being cute
 Nick crying
 Me fishing with Dad
 Dad fishing, posing with someone else's fish.

 Hiking with Fatman

 Derek, me and Rachel from the Four-Loko dance-off night
Dad as a young buck.
Fatman back in his glory days