Stories of Fasha: Mustard Finger Painting

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My an amazing man. He's a great friend, an ideal role model for me and my brother, and he is freaking hilarious. He doesn't even try to's just his character. I decided to include a section of my blog just for him. Enjoy.

Today's tale...
Mustard Finger Painting

It takes place at our little home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1995.
My dad was spending the entire day painting the living room, which was huge. 
I'm not sure where my mom was just me and mah dad...and if you've ever been in charge of a five year old, I'm sure you can understand that keeping me safe and busy was quite the task when trying to paint a huge living room with vaulted ceilings.
I was fine for a while, just coloring and crafting...regular Courtney stuff....
But I started to get bored and really wanted attention. So I would present my art masterpieces to my dad and he would shoo me away and put in a Disney VHS for me.
But after the movie, I would start to crave attention again.
I was desperate.
I stood under his ladder and pretended to be hurt at one point...only my terrible fibbing skills proved futile, and I began to resort to general annoying noise making.
Still, my dad kept on painting and I was left to entertain myself.
So I entered the kitchen in search for noms...when I discovered a world of opportunity in the refrigerator.
Time to take my artistic mediums to a whole other level.
I had finger painted before, but I ran out...mustard would do just fine.
So I went over to the kitchen table and got to work! 
Eventually my dad started to check in with me every now and then...and I'd peep a reassuring response that I was still alive and in the house.
He was working so darn hard...I figured I'd help him out with my innovative and creative touch.
Eventually...he saw me darting under his giant ladder from the corner of his eye in a flash of yellow mustard clothes and a Marlins baseball cap....
And he was pisssssssssed.
The End.