Stories of Fasha: Leaf Pile Demolition Day

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This was our house in Malvern, Pennsylvania from 1998-2001.
As you can see, our house took up a fourth of our land. 
The rest was forest and creek and yard.

 When Autumn came, that forest of trees would poop on our yard all day, all week, all season...with an endless supply of red, yellow, orange and brown leaves.
Needless to say, my brother and I dreaded Saturday chore days in the fall.
This meant hours of raking.
 No leaf blowers, no lawn mower attachments.
And no using yard bags, either. We used full sized bed sheets to haul piles of leaves to either the fire pit, curbside or forest.
 Fatman would rake up 1700 piles of sheet-sized leaf piles for my brother and me to gather.
But...we had our fun. 
Fat Daddy would leave his piles unattended sometimes...
And we would DESTROY THEM.
 Fasha would come back...hard work unraveled...
 So pissed.

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