The Library Fart

Thursday, April 28, 2011

 Finals are next week, so my roommates and I took a trip to study together at ISU's library.
It seemed like a good idea at the time...
We were looking forward to getting a lot of work done, 
so we headed to the 4th floor, which happens to be the Max Quiet zone.
Signs are posted all over the place on the 4th floor to remind dumb asses to shut up.

 So we found a table and unpacked our notebooks and laptops and began working.
The 4th floor was really crowded that night...
even Frat guys and Sorostitutes were getting their studying in.
I went off to find books I needed for my research paper.
That's when I realized that I was wearing the squeakiest flip flops known to mankind.
I also had a cold all week, so I was the doucher sniffling and snotting 
and blowing her nose all over the place the whole time we were there.
Bubby was being noisy, too. 
Her fingers were like little Bubby jackhammers on her keyboard, 
and she brought the noisiest water bottle ever.
 When you squeeze it and then set it down, 
it makes a high pitched squeal as it fills itself with air again.
My loogie noises and sniffling got my roommate, The Gagger, gagging big time.
So there we were, on the quietest floor of the library, being the loudest we could be.
We were getting nasty looks from other students trying to study.
My other roommate, The Chef...finally lost it.
 And when we all stopped making noise, 
Chef filled the silence with her own commotion.
 It took a second to realize what had just happened.
 Chef's library fart wasn't even that loud...
just the fact that there was no other noise to mask it 
made it reverberate off the walls of the silent floor.
 We just packed up and left after that.
Such a fail.

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