Stories of Fasha: Gone Fishin'

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fatman loves to fish.
He'll fart around with his tackle box Friday night after a long workweek...
And get up early Saturday morning and drive to a "spot" around Virginia in the crap pickup truck with Buddy Boy in the backseat. 
 The morning will start off relaxing...patient...calm...
 But around high noon, Dayd's bald head will be sunburned and he'll start to get pissed.
 Then the fish will start effing with his head.

They'll take the bait, but avoid the hook...every time.

 Eventually he'll use the cooler he brought (for the fish he'll never catch) as a chair and he'll use a piece of PVC pipe to hold his pole...
Crack open a beer and start talking to Buddy.
 Mean while across the lake, the Mexicans are building a fish mountain.

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